Amesten Asset Management is an open and straightforward crypto asset management fund. We aim to deliver strong, risk-adjusted returns to our investors through an active and consistent investment approach.Our conviction in our crypto picks come from a strong fundamental research backed by technical analysis. We always believe there is an opportunity in every turmoil. Hence our focus is on identifying such opportunities to provide solid returns to our clients.


CEO & Co-Founder

Sachin Jain brings a breadth of experience across several fintech startup companies, including a well-known crypto exchange, and other managed fund services. Sachin has been a successful trader and investor for several years in equity and crypto markets. This has earned him a great reputation among many who have followed his progress. His experience with financial advisory start-ups has made him a master of fund management.

CTO & Co-Founder

David Habibi is a tech strategy professional with broad experience in blockchain technology. David is an official contributor to several global crypto asset and blockchain projects. He has helped build 6 companies thus far, and knows how to make the best use of technology to make fund management safe, easy, and accurate. While technology is his profession, trading has always been his passion. He has been involved in financial markets for 20 years.


Chief Trading Officer

Koushik Mall first experienced stock trading when he turned 13 years of age. His hobby was to read between the lines on charts, and would even spend most of his leisure time on it until he turned 18. Once he turned 18, he started trading in equities, F&O and Crypto.  His immense knowledge on charts and technical analysis has made him a successful price action trader.