Portfolio Management Service is a tailor-made professional service for investors to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio. When you invest in PMS, you own the crypto however the choice and timing of investment is decided by Amesten Asset.


Margin trading is a form of trading where you buy more than what you can actually buy. In simple words you get additional loan from your exchange for trading. The main advantage of margin trading is you get high leverage which can be converted to profits by trading smartly. At Amesten Asset we are focused to provide consistent high returns to our clients with margin trading.


Alts trading simply mean trading your bitcoins for alternative cryptocurrencies/tokens and vice versa to increase the number of satoshi. Since our Amesten Asset team has immense knowledge in trading we would be committed to bring strong results on our client’s portfolio.


Arbitrage trading is simultaneous buying and selling of a crypto asset on 2 different exchanges in order to gain from a difference in the price.  Amesten Asset would look for every opportunity to get the best arbitrage deals available around the world to increase your satoshis.

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